Saturday, March 28, 2009

Edea Sponsors Brazilian Skaters

Brazilian skater Kevin Alves loves his new Edeas. "The boots are so comfortable and light it's like wearing a pair of slippers," said the 17 year old.

"We love to help countries that are coming up," said Caterita of Edea who has been in the industry since 1962, "It's good for everyone."

Kevin finished 37th out of 52 skaters at the World Figure Skating Championships in Los Angeles, ending with a season's best score and valuable experience.

Los Angeles was Kevin's first World Championship and while he's proud of his performance he also understands that he has a lot of work to do to prepare for the qualifier - the Nebelhorn Trophy in September.

"Kevin has shown what he's capable of and has had tremendous progress in a short period of time," said Coach Robert Burk, "He's a completely different skater than he was only 6 months ago and I have no doubt that he'll be ready for September."

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fabiana Santos returns to bobsledding

Brazilian athlete Fabiana Santos excels in everything she does. She practiced gynmnastics before becoming a hammer thrower. After showing excellent inital progress in bobsledding she decided to turn her attention to weight lifting and became the best in her weight class. She participated in the 2007 Pan American games in Rio de Janeiro.
Now Fabiana is happy to return to bobsledding and is committed to giving her best to the sport. She is currently training at the FIBT school in Lake Placid with Alcione Almeida, a triple jumper and double skiff rower turned bobsled push-athlete.
Santos and Almeida are sliding well at the school and want to qualify for the America's Cup race immediately following their training. Santos will continue to develop her piloting skills and hopes to become the first Brazilian woman to qualify a bobsled team for the Olympics.
Fabiana is also a baton twirler and she volunteers time teaching children to read. She is from Sao Paulo.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Kurt Browning Gives Some Good Advice to Brazilian Skater Kevin Alves

By Lisa Papandrea

The Brazilian team has arrived in Los Angeles for the 2009 World Figure skating Championships. Stacy Perfetti and Kevin Alves have been skating well during their practice sessions and both athletes are very excited to be the first Brazilian skaters to participate in the event.

3 time Olympian and 4 time World champion Kurt Browning who designed Kevin’s short program was on hand during yesterday’s practice session and noticed that that Kevin was looking rather tense on the ice. Browning enthusiastically offered some words of support. “Wow!! You’re at Worlds! You’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose so lighten up! Smile! Have fun and don’t take yourself so seriously!”

Kevin is skating to a lively Samba hop piece he chose himself.

“We brought the music to Kurt and he loved it,” Coach Robert Burk told me, “It’s really special. Kevin’s only 17 – so the program was designed to be young and fun and to showcase Kevin’s performing ability which is one of his strengths.

Browning continued to encourage Kevin with his exuberant outbursts “Show us that Brazilian joyfulness! Show us what you’ve got baby! We know it’s a lot!”

Thanks Kurt for making us all smile!

Kevin Alves will compete on Wednesday followed by Stacy Perfetti on Friday.

Good Luck Skaters!!