Thursday, October 29, 2009

Synchronized Skating Seminar in Finland

As part of a plan to form the first Brazilian Synchronized skating team, Brazilian skater Elena Rodrigues attended an important seminar in Finland this past September. In addition to skating with world class Finnish teams such as the Rockettes and Team Unique, Elena gained valuable information that will be used to help form the first Brazilian Synchro team.

"During the off-ice portion of the seminar I was able to speak with Kathy Dalton, a technical specialist and coach from the Canadian team Black Ice," said Elena, "She knows so much about what it takes to form and coach a high level team. I was also able to connect with coaches from other countries that like Brazil, are trying build up their synchro program."

Rodrigues has skated with the University of Miami's varsity teams and is also continuing her training in freestyle.

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